Chester Historic Preservation Committee

Celebrate Chester's Historical Heritage

1724 Court House

The Chester Historical Preservation Committee, Inc.
Has created an Arcadia book about Chester, PA
Compiled by several of its members, with photographs provided courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Society Archives, Private Collections and the Widener University Archives.
The book will be available Fall 2004
Priced at $19.95, plus $4.00 Shipping & Handling, or
You may pick your order up at The Cheshire House by appointment
Preordering is available by calling 610-876-5355

Check out the 100+ pages of early Chester history in H. G. Ashmead's 1884 "History of Delaware County,"
and, be sure to visit the Old Chester, PA website for more great history!

Mission Statement:

To preserve and maintain in their early dignity and beauty, as nearly as may be feasible, historic sites, buildings, and objects in the City of Chester. To preserve and improve their surroundings; To preserve and restore the furnishing and physical features of the buildings in their original form, so that their distinctive character and atmosphere can be maintained. To collect, organize, protect and display records, letters, documents, and fine arts associated with the history of the city of Chester. To operate on the property or properties for which the Corporation may assume responsibilities, including museums open to the public; To sponsor and promote historical pilgrimages, lectures and symposiums; To educate and promote all aspects of historical preservation.

Officers and Board Members:
President: David Guleke Jr.
Vice President: Carol Fireng
Treasurer: Randy Kobetich
Secretary: Doris Vermeychuk

Daniel P. Vermeychuk
Ed Broadfield
Helen Litwa
Anna Cariello

Providence Meeting House

Meeting Schedule for 2004 - 2005:

The Chester Historic Preservation Committee meets at the Chester Friends Meeting House the second Wednesday of each month. Located on the corners of 24th and Chestnut streets, Chester, PA.

September 8th, 2004
October 10th, 2004
November 10th, 2004 (Book Expected)
December 8th, 2004 (Annual Covered Dish Dinner & Last meeting of 2004)
Sunday December 12th, 2004 (Annual Holiday House Tour 1:00 until 4:00 P.M.)

January 12th, 2005 (Annual Membership Drive)
February 09, 2005 (Annual Membership Drive)
March 09th, 2005
April 13th, 2005
May 11th, 2005 (Annual 1724 Court House Cleaning)
June 15th, 2005 (Annual Yard Sale)
July 13, 2005
August 10th, 2005
September 09th, 2005
October 12th, 2005
November 09th, 2005
December 14th, 2005 (Annual Holiday House Tour & Covered Dish Dinner)

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