History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
Henry Graham Ashmead

L. H. Everts & Co.

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I. Physical Geography and Geology of Delaware County.

II. The Early Settlement of Delaware County to the Grant of the Province to William Penn.

III. The Circular Boundary Line Between Delaware County And The State Of Delaware.

IV. William Penn's First Voyage To His Province In 1682 -- The Change Of The Name Upland To Chester, And The Reason It Was Made.

V. The First Assembly Of Pennsylvania, And The House Wherein It Met.

VI. The Colonial History to the War of the Revolution.

VII. The Revolutionary Struggle to the Battle of Brandywine.

VIII. The Battle of Brandywine.

IX. From The Defeat At Brandywine To The Conclusion Of The Revolutionary War.

X. The Revolutionary War To The Erection Of Delaware County.

XI. From The Erection Of The County Of Delaware To The Second War With Great Britain.

XII. The Second War With England.

XIII. From The Second War With England To 1850.

XIV. Storms, Freshets, And Earthquakes.

XV. The Ten-Hour Movement.

XVI. The Removal Of The County-Seat To Media.

XVII. The Civil War.

XVIII. Crimes And Punishments.

XIX. Manners And Customs.

XX. Traveling And Transportation.

XXI. Redemptioners And Slavery In Delaware County.

XXII. Agriculture, With A Brief Mention Of Our Domestic Animals.

XXIII. Wild Animals, Fish, Etc., Of Delaware County.

XXIV. Delaware County Climate, Together With Notices Of Remarkable Weather.

XXV. The Court, Bench, And Bar Of Delaware County.

XXVI. Physicians And Medical Societies.

XXVII. Civil Lists.

XXVIII. The Township Of Tinicum.

XXIX. Aston Township.

XXX. Bethel Township.

XXXI. Birmingham Township.

XXXII. The City Of Chester.

XXXIII. Chester Township.

XXXIV. The Borough of Upland.

XXXV. South Chester Borough.

XXXVI. North Chester Borough.

XXXVII. Upper Chichester Township.

XXXVIII. Lower Chichester Township.

XXXIX. Concord Township.

XL. Darby Township.

XLI. Darby Borough.

XLII. Upper Darby Township.

XLIII. Edgmont Township.

XLIV. Haverford Township.

XLV. Marple Township.

XLVI. The Borough Of Media.

XLVII. Middletown Township.

XLVIII. Newtown Township.

XLIX. Nether Providence Township.

L. Upper Providence Township.

LI. Radnor Township.

LII. Thornbury Township.

LIII. Springfield Township.

LIV. Ridley Township.


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